Day 1


So it’s obviously not the first day of my totally normal life, but it’s day 1 of actually writing about it. It’s also day 1 of giving myself a kick up the arse and waking up to the fact that I’m unfit, overweight and always tired! It’s not good…

Today has been a good day! 

I was working from home today so I started it off with a session on the cross trainer before work, I had a nice filling breakfast of boiled eggs, spinach, tomatoes and a slice of ham. I snacked on satsumas for the first time in probably a year, and enjoyed them (they’re so hit and miss!), had some ryveta and cheese spread for lunch, stir fried spicy chicken and brown rice for dinner and a yoghurt to finish. Totally normal food for my totally normal life! I can’t be arsed with fad diets and fancy cooking… I hate my kitchen, so the less time spent there, the better!

Yummy breakfast…
Breaking out the trainers for the first time in a while!
I’ve tried and failed miserably for the last year to lose some weight. I’ve probably lost a couple of stone, but have put the same back on numerous times! I was 14 stone 4 this time last year and I’m now a pitiful 13 stone 10. I saw a Facebook memory from 2009 that said I was 11 stone 11 – I thought I was fat then… I’d kill to be that weight again!

I’ve always loved food. Sweet or savoury… doesn’t really matter, although cake and beer are probably my two favourite things! 

I’m not sure when food became a problem for me, but I know it was at its worst in 2016 and it was made worse by work. It’s not an excuse, it was a shitty year and food seemed to be the only way to stop me from speaking my mind… which probably would have got me sacked. It stopped me from quitting too. It ended up being a coping mechanism – emotional eating… never thought that would be me. It’s better this year, but I’m still eating way too much and for no good reason either.

I guess this blog is going to just be my ramblings on my health journey and life in general… I hadn’t planned it! I think I just needed to put pen to paper so to speak, so that I actually have to commit to doing something about my health & weight.

Anyway, welcome! Feel free to leave a comment, some words of wisdom or some general thoughts on your own totally normal life!

Annie 🙂

March review!

April is nearly here already… why does time go by so quickly?

March was an interesting one. I started the month with a cancelled trip because of snow and ended it with a week off, just because I could.

It’s been a really poor month for being healthy. I seem to have lost all f*cks I had about eating better… I really need to get back on track.

I’ve had some nice food this month though and quite a lot of alcohol – oops!

First attempt at French toast…

Porridge & tea on that odd healthy morning…Buffalo wings, fries and a Buffalo burger washed down with Icelandic Beer at our local place – Carved, Bexleyheath

The start of a messy night out to see Thirty Seconds to Mars (who were utter shit by the way!)

Steak, mac n cheese (cold and tasteless!) with fries and onion rings… my treat after spending two hours in a golf shop with my fiancé!Oh look, more booze lolAnother one off healthy lunch! Bacon butty with obligatory bite out of itAnother stir fryHealthy!?Anyone for tea??Healthy!?Mmmm alcopops!

Back to work Tuesday… shame! What’s in store for April? A better diet, less or no booze, a lot of work and planning for some renovations / improvements to our place.

Hope you’ve had a good March! Catch up next time!


February look back

So we’re part way through March, 8 days in to be precise, and I’m only just writing my February review… shocking!

Last month was quite uneventful, apart from some really cold weather and a lot of snow that scuppered the plans of most people, including me. Yes, I had a cancelled flight last Thursday (1st March but I’m including it in Feb as the weather turned in the last week of Feb causing issues everywhere!) and wasn’t able to go home to Scotland and spend a long weekend with my parents for my mums birthday – very annoying.

In case you don’t know, the UK doesn’t get all that much snow, so when we do, all hell breaks loose and airports close, trains can’t run, roads are blocked and cars are abandoned… yep!

Looks pretty though, right? These were taken before it got worse. England and the south wasn’t too bad, but Scotland got hit pretty bad, and that’s where I was trying to fly to!

Apart from that, the rest of the month was quite normal… food wise, it’s been up and down and I’ve not lost any weight, but I’ve not gained either so it’s not a lost cause. The cold weather played a part in some poor food choices last month.

The beer was for commiserating purposes lol.

There were some healthier choices though…

Apple & Ginger porridge

Breakfast muffins and peanut butter

Chicken, mushroom and Edamame stir fry

Spicy steak and peppers with sour cream

Veggie stir fry and egg noodles

Dishoom chicken tikka – if you’re in London or Edinburgh, you have to try Dishoom. Their food is amazing!!

Not a terrible month overall, but it could be better and this month has to be better as I need to start losing some weight again!!

How was your February?

Catch up next month!


Healthy January – month in review


I know it’s very late to be saying Happy New Year, but as it’s my first post of the year, it still feels a bit relevant…

January is over. It’s always a funny month. People always say it’s long or it’s depressing, but I don’t find it like that at all. It’s just another month and not much different to the previous ones. There were 5 Mondays this January though, wtf!?

I’m not one for new years resolutions, but January is a good time to start changing habits and making improvements to your life. It’s the month where you find your feet again after the craziness of December. I started on my mission to be more healthy (you may recall from previous posts that I was trying to lose weight, but my food was always a bit boring or samey and I ended up falling off the wagon very easily) and I picked up two cook books; The Fat Loss Plan by Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) and Ultimate Fit Food by Gordon Ramsay. Both work on similar principles and have 3 sections – food for losing weight, food to maintain and food for when you’re exercising. I’ve yet to make anything from Gordon’s book as I’ve been smashing through the low carb recipes in the Joe Wicks one.

I’ve lost just over 10lbs in 4 weeks so far, which I’m happy with. Sustainable weight loss is my aim as I plan to keep the weight off for the long term. My initial target is to lose 2 stone, 18lbs to go!

Here are some of the best meals from this month:

Chili & Paprika Scrambled Eggs
Chicken saltimbocca
Chicken Saltimbocca
Harissa chicken
Harissa chicken
Porridge with smashed banana and almond milk
Thai red curry
Red That curried chicken & veg
Sweet potato
Sweet potato & coconut stew

February has started off with a couple of great meals, so make sure to check back for my February review, as I think it’s going to be a good month for food!!


The Full Elvis

Yes, so this happened today…

Very healthy, also known as The Full Elvis… one of Duck & Waffle’s awesome breakfast options… a waffle, pb&j, strawberries, blueberries, a glazed banana, Chantilly cream and all the trimmings…

That’s what you call falling off the healthy wagon ha ha!!!

It’s December, typically a challenging month to eat healthy… it’s quite busy for me too… breakfast with work friends today, Christmas party on Thursday, a gig on Saturday that will no doubt involve copious amounts of beer, a leaving lunch for a colleague next Tuesday, a business trip to Edinburgh Wednesday and Thursday with a Christmas do thrown in for good measure and then Christmas brunch next Friday with my little team of 3 and Christmas dinner the Wednesday after… soooooooo I could choose healthier options, but will I? Who knows… I’ll be fat for another month I think… oh dear…

I’m back!


I’m back after a couple of weeks being MIA – namely being ill, tired and eating crap. I’ve gained 3.5lbs and lost out on about 50 hours worth of sleep due to various reasons. Last night was my first solid sleep in over 3 weeks… let’s hope it continues.

Yesterday I managed to stay below my target calorie intake of 1460. This is just to hopefully lose 1lb per week, and today I’ve done good as well.

I’ve started experimenting with breakfast as I’m not huge fan of it, unless I can eat it late in the morning, or on days when I’m in the office I’ll eat when I get to work around 8am (after being up and active for 2.5 hours already), so I’m trying to have a really filling breakfast that can almost double up as lunch and then replace lunch with a couple of snacks or just a light salad or something. I find if I eat breakfast early that I snack mid morning and I want to eliminate that.

This morning I made porridge, but using Almond Milk instead of regular milk. Can’t say it was amazing, but I think I needed to cook it for longer!! I ate it around about 10:30am and didn’t get peckish again until about 1:30pm and then I just had a small portion of dried mango and a cup of Matcha tea.

So for my porridge I used 45g of porridge oats, approx 150/200ml of unsweetened almond milk, one tablespoon of maple syrup, half a banana smashed up and mixed in with the oats and milk etc. to make it more creamy, threw in a handful of frozen strawberries, blackberries and blueberries and some chia seeds and cooked on low to medium heat on the hob for about 10/15 minutes. It was definitely filling and it tasted quite nice, the texture was a bit off though but that might just be because of using different milk. I think I’ll play around with different versions of this as it could probably be really tasty!

I tried some overnight oats yesterday as well, a peanut butter recipe, but it was a bit too sweet for me. Another thing to experiment with!

I mentioned Matcha tea earlier too, so thought I’d share the brand I’ve been drinking – it’s Pukka Supreme Matcha Green. I hate green tea so was pleasantly surprised that this tastes nothing like regular green tea and is actually nice to drink. I’ve been drinking more of this to avoid drinking regular tea with milk everyday. I’m not stopping drinking regular tea, I just want to make small changes to reduce my calorie intake and since I can’t stand black tea and any other type of “milk” in tea is just wrong, this seems like a good compromise.

Dinner was a random concoction of pasta, sausages, bacon, sweet corn, tomatoes and chilli. Super tasty!! Forgot to take a photo of it though!

Until tomorrow!


Netflix and free bread


I’m totally addicted to Orange is The New Black and Stranger Things and I’m guilty of binge watching a lot of them both over the weekend!! I love a good show!

As well as watching lots of TV, I also managed to try out some pumpkin and chia seed bread. I got a fresh loaf for free when I did my food shop with Amazon Fresh. I’ve never tried anything pumpkin before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t quite know what to do with it either so I tried a bit with nothing on it to see if I like it, then I made it in to a yummy brunch!

I decided to slice it up and grill it lightly to toast it, then popped on some grated mozzarella, salami and tomatoes and put it back in the grill to heat it all up and melt the cheese… pop on a bit of pepper afterwards if you like and Bob’s your uncle you’ve got a yummy brunch or lunch!

I love fast and easy food, especially at the weekend!!

What’s your favourite home made fast food?


Hit and miss blogging!!


Sorry I’ve been a bit inconsistent lately… I’ve had some awful migraines recently and pretty much no sleep since Saturday so have been feeling it, no end!!

I started this blog as some kind of motivation for myself to lose weight… it’s so not happening lol. I’m still eating crap!! I need to change my way of thinking about food and I need some tasty healthy options as opposed to the rubbish diet style foods I have been eating. When I am hungry, I eat. Whatever there is in the house, I’ll eat it! Good, bad, doesn’t matter. 

I’ve got another issue competing with me trying to eat good as well and it’s constant indigestion. No matter what I eat, I get acid. Sometimes I get it when I’ve not even eaten anything. I think I need to go to the doctor about it, But I was trying to cut out and identify foods that cause it, as well as lose a bit of weight so they don’t just tell me it’s because I’m a fat bitch. Neither has worked so far so I might just have to bite the bullet and make an appointment. 

Anyway, I have had some decent food lately… Greek yoghurt and fruit for breakfast is a current favourite…

and I’m making a nice chicken and chorizo paella for dinner tonight.

Friday tomorrow! Yay!


My favourite chicken burger


Hope you’re having a good week so far? 

Mine has been ok. Work is same old same old, but I’m trying not to get worked up about it! Although eating a whole packet of yoghurt coated raisins instead of just the handful I was supposed to eat could be described as getting worked up… I didn’t even realise I was eating so many of them 😦

Anyway, I made yummy chicken burgers for tonight’s dinner. Nothing fancy, but super tasty!

A nice soft white roll, a handful of spinach, a breaded chicken fillet, some grated mozzarella, tomatoes and a squeeze of BBQ sauce – perfect!! We had some chilli and lime rice with it, bit odd, but it was easy and tasty!

What’s your favourite weeknight food?


Cheat day & lazy Sunday


Weighday was yesterday and I stayed the same weight as last week, which I don’t mind as I didn’t eat very healthily – again! I feel like crap when I eat bad, but I can’t seem to break the cycle of eating good, being hungry and then eating junk… it’s another new week so time to try again!!

My cheat day was yesterday, but I actually stayed within my regular calorie target. No idea how, but I was quite happy with that! It means I can enjoy a curry tonight and some Keema Naan!!

Today has been a chill day. Chores, chilling and multiple episodes of Orange Is The New Black along with plenty of company from my kitties whilst my other half is out at golf.

Have a great Sunday!

Until tomorrow!


The end of the week!


It’s Friday and I’m so happy about it. I’m actually writing this from my bed as I’ve been asleep on the sofa for the last hour and didn’t get round to writing anything!

This week has been a tough one. Work has been a mental drain. 

Tomorrow and Sunday are for boring food shopping, housework, chores and mindless binge watching of tv… I feel like every weekend is the same lately, but it’s what I feel like I need. 

I’d like to be a really interesting person with a totally exciting, fun adventure filled life, but I’m not… life hasn’t been like that for a while, although this year has probably been one of the most boring for a long time!! I’ve not been abroad this year either, for the first time since I was a child. It’s been a bit rubbish actually! Ah well, first world problems and all that!!

I’ve nothing good to say about food and no photos either, so here’s a completely irrelevant pic of my kitties; Leonard and Sheldon…

Happy Friday all!