Day 4 – sweet potatoes!

Well hello!

It’s day 4 of trying to be a responsible person and look after my health. It’s also day 4 of feeling hungry between meals! It’s not so bad… grumble grumble grumble… that’s my stomach by the way!

Figured that I’ll get better at making meals that fill me up, the longer I do this. I have some books from the “Body Coach” about 15 minute meals, but they always seem to take at least an hour to make – why is that!? I might look at those this weekend and pick some things to try…

I’ve been trying to use up stuff in the house so we can start fresh with food. It’s meant that everyday has been a meat day… Mainly red meat too. I’d like to reduce the amount of meat we eat each week, but with a fussy fiancé who has an aversion to veggies and anything with a white / green / cream colour and sauce or liquid texture, and neither of us eating fish (I eat the odd prawn of bit of scampi), it’s quite a task!

That means tonight’s dinner includes mince… I’ve decided on a sweet potato mash and meatballs with peppers and sweet corn – you’ll soon find that most of our meals include peppers and sweet corn, possibly spinach and sometimes tomatoes… that’s about all the goodness I can get him to eat. I mean, I’d have mushrooms with everything, or cauliflower and broccoli, but nope – he won’t touch them, and I can’t deal with cooking two lots of food – I don’t have the space to do it, so I do without. I might have to start hiding food in meals… you know, like adults do with their kids!? Any tips… share them below please!!!

As for the rest of the day… I had some grapes for breakfast, a wrap with salad and salami and a bit of guacamole for lunch , a satsuma and then my usual after dinner yoghurt. 

I made homemade pizza yesterday, so I’ve been trying to use up the leftover wraps and salami today. I love my pizzas… sorry for the bad picture – rubbish light! 

Tastier than it looks! Pretty healthy too if you manage the portions of cheese and salami!

Tomorrow I’m going out for Turkish food… not sure I’ll stay within the realms of healthy. Stay tuned… 😝


Author: Annie

I'm a makeup addict who hasn't a clue what she's doing!

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