Turkish lunch

Happy Friday!

Today was a bit of a bad day for food. Bad in a good way. 

I had a leaving lunch for one of my work friends and we went to a Turkish restaurant called Gallipoli Again, which is in Islington, London. I’d been here once before and thought the food was amazing, so I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to go again.

We decided to have a Meze between the 5 of us and throw in some chips (fries for any non UK people!) as one of my friends is a complete chip addict 🙂 The Meze was huge. There was so much to pick and choose from:

Humus, Kisir, Bakla, Cacik, Potato Salad, Borek, Falafel, Dolma, Chicken Guvec, Lamb Guvec & Mitite Kofte – and chips! 

The fist time I’ve ever tried stuffed vine leaves – surprisingly tasty!
Gallipoli Again – some of the tasty food we had

We all filled up on the tasty treats but a couple of us had room for some afters… I was very bad and had some pecan pie and ice cream – in my defence, I didn’t know it came with ice cream as well, but I made sure to enjoy it all ha ha!

Pecan pie – yummy!

I’ve calorie counted everything I ate today – some of it was estimated, but I think because most of the food was relatively healthy, and because they use yogurt instead of things like cream or mayonnaise, that I actually didn’t do too bad. Over where I’d like to be, but not to the extreme.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the restaurant, here’s the website:


There are two Gallipoli cafés on the same street. I’ve never been to the first one, only the second, but I imagine it would be just as nice! Oh and the staff in Gallipoli Again are really lovely – friendly, helpful, fun… can’t ask for much more!

Until next time!


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