Moving office & strange weather

Today was the first day in a new office at work, so it wasn’t the usual head down and work day for the most part. I quite like the odd day that’s a bit different, it breaks things up a bit. I also don’t usually go to the office on a Monday, so it was a nice change.

I work in a flexible working environment, so it means I can work from home, a coffee shop, my garden, the office, or wherever has wifi and some level of privacy depending on what I’m working on. It’s taken a few years for me to get used to being able to come and go relatively freely, but now, I wouldn’t be without it.

The office is in the City of London, right near Liverpool Street station. We’ve actually only moved a 5 minute walk up the road, which is nice as I like the area. 

The new office has a roof terrace that we can use for meetings, lunch or just to take a breather for a few minutes. Today it was mainly used for appreciating this unusually warm October day and then for looking up at the red sun and sky in amazement.

Strange skies in London – the photo doesn’t show the full spectrum of the brown / red sky (c)

The photo above was taken at about 3:15pm. An hour previous and it had been bright with blue skies and a red sun. We’ve had sand from the Sahara thanks to Hurricane Ophelia and smoke from wild fires in Spain and Portugal. London – we’ll take all your sky junk and make it pretty – ha!

An eerie view of the tops of The Gherkin (L), Heron Tower (M) & the NatWest tower – peering out over the top / behind another building on the right(I think it has another name these days, but it’s shaped like the NatWest logo so will always be known as the NatWest tower!) (c)

Food wise today has been a bit hit and miss. A croissant this morning, some mini rolls / sandwiches for lunch and chips (fries) for dinner – all within my calories – not good for the carbs or fat though! The new office has no lift and has a lot of stairs – I’ve been up and down them so many times today that I can actually feel my thighs aching a little bit!!!

Back on track tomorrow!


Author: Annie

I'm a makeup addict who hasn't a clue what she's doing!

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