Resisting temptation 

Today was sent to test me, for sure!

For a day that started out good, it ended leaving work 2 hours late because of issues. 

I left work feeling hungry and thirsty and had to walk past Waitrose and their butterscotch pecan yum yums. They’re so sweet and sticky… I love them! I really could have grabbed one on the way home. I didn’t. They’re right near the entrance to the supermarket too, yet I walked on by.

By trying to get control of my eating, I’m seeing all the times I would have reached for food instead of a drink of water or instead of occupying myself with other things and I’m not surprised at how much weight I have put on!

On track with my eating today again. One more day until weigh day… I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything. I actually feel more heavy than last week! But, we’ll see. A lot can happen in a day!


Author: Annie

I'm a makeup addict who hasn't a clue what she's doing!

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