Hit and miss blogging!!


Sorry I’ve been a bit inconsistent lately… I’ve had some awful migraines recently and pretty much no sleep since Saturday so have been feeling it, no end!!

I started this blog as some kind of motivation for myself to lose weight… it’s so not happening lol. I’m still eating crap!! I need to change my way of thinking about food and I need some tasty healthy options as opposed to the rubbish diet style foods I have been eating. When I am hungry, I eat. Whatever there is in the house, I’ll eat it! Good, bad, doesn’t matter. 

I’ve got another issue competing with me trying to eat good as well and it’s constant indigestion. No matter what I eat, I get acid. Sometimes I get it when I’ve not even eaten anything. I think I need to go to the doctor about it, But I was trying to cut out and identify foods that cause it, as well as lose a bit of weight so they don’t just tell me it’s because I’m a fat bitch. Neither has worked so far so I might just have to bite the bullet and make an appointment. 

Anyway, I have had some decent food lately… Greek yoghurt and fruit for breakfast is a current favourite…

and I’m making a nice chicken and chorizo paella for dinner tonight.

Friday tomorrow! Yay!


Author: Annie

I'm a makeup addict who hasn't a clue what she's doing!

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