Healthy January – month in review


I know it’s very late to be saying Happy New Year, but as it’s my first post of the year, it still feels a bit relevant…

January is over. It’s always a funny month. People always say it’s long or it’s depressing, but I don’t find it like that at all. It’s just another month and not much different to the previous ones. There were 5 Mondays this January though, wtf!?

I’m not one for new years resolutions, but January is a good time to start changing habits and making improvements to your life. It’s the month where you find your feet again after the craziness of December. I started on my mission to be more healthy (you may recall from previous posts that I was trying to lose weight, but my food was always a bit boring or samey and I ended up falling off the wagon very easily) and I picked up two cook books; The Fat Loss Plan by Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) and Ultimate Fit Food by Gordon Ramsay. Both work on similar principles and have 3 sections – food for losing weight, food to maintain and food for when you’re exercising. I’ve yet to make anything from Gordon’s book as I’ve been smashing through the low carb recipes in the Joe Wicks one.

I’ve lost just over 10lbs in 4 weeks so far, which I’m happy with. Sustainable weight loss is my aim as I plan to keep the weight off for the long term. My initial target is to lose 2 stone, 18lbs to go!

Here are some of the best meals from this month:

Chili & Paprika Scrambled Eggs
Chicken saltimbocca
Chicken Saltimbocca
Harissa chicken
Harissa chicken
Porridge with smashed banana and almond milk
Thai red curry
Red That curried chicken & veg
Sweet potato
Sweet potato & coconut stew

February has started off with a couple of great meals, so make sure to check back for my February review, as I think it’s going to be a good month for food!!


I’m back!


I’m back after a couple of weeks being MIA – namely being ill, tired and eating crap. I’ve gained 3.5lbs and lost out on about 50 hours worth of sleep due to various reasons. Last night was my first solid sleep in over 3 weeks… let’s hope it continues.

Yesterday I managed to stay below my target calorie intake of 1460. This is just to hopefully lose 1lb per week, and today I’ve done good as well.

I’ve started experimenting with breakfast as I’m not huge fan of it, unless I can eat it late in the morning, or on days when I’m in the office I’ll eat when I get to work around 8am (after being up and active for 2.5 hours already), so I’m trying to have a really filling breakfast that can almost double up as lunch and then replace lunch with a couple of snacks or just a light salad or something. I find if I eat breakfast early that I snack mid morning and I want to eliminate that.

This morning I made porridge, but using Almond Milk instead of regular milk. Can’t say it was amazing, but I think I needed to cook it for longer!! I ate it around about 10:30am and didn’t get peckish again until about 1:30pm and then I just had a small portion of dried mango and a cup of Matcha tea.

So for my porridge I used 45g of porridge oats, approx 150/200ml of unsweetened almond milk, one tablespoon of maple syrup, half a banana smashed up and mixed in with the oats and milk etc. to make it more creamy, threw in a handful of frozen strawberries, blackberries and blueberries and some chia seeds and cooked on low to medium heat on the hob for about 10/15 minutes. It was definitely filling and it tasted quite nice, the texture was a bit off though but that might just be because of using different milk. I think I’ll play around with different versions of this as it could probably be really tasty!

I tried some overnight oats yesterday as well, a peanut butter recipe, but it was a bit too sweet for me. Another thing to experiment with!

I mentioned Matcha tea earlier too, so thought I’d share the brand I’ve been drinking – it’s Pukka Supreme Matcha Green. I hate green tea so was pleasantly surprised that this tastes nothing like regular green tea and is actually nice to drink. I’ve been drinking more of this to avoid drinking regular tea with milk everyday. I’m not stopping drinking regular tea, I just want to make small changes to reduce my calorie intake and since I can’t stand black tea and any other type of “milk” in tea is just wrong, this seems like a good compromise.

Dinner was a random concoction of pasta, sausages, bacon, sweet corn, tomatoes and chilli. Super tasty!! Forgot to take a photo of it though!

Until tomorrow!


Happy Friday!

It’s finally Friday. One more little hurdle to get over. An error at work made by someone else that I’ve been working on fixing, so I have to do a last check tomorrow morning and then my weekend can finally start!

I have no real plans for the weekend other than to unwind before another busy week. I’m going to enjoy whatever I do. Might be watching catch up TV or pottering around the house, who knows?

My fiancé starts a new job soon and has his first day / handover tomorrow. It’s been a bit of a stressful week with news of potentially losing his job and then being offered a couple of jobs at the same time and having to decide which is the best one to go for. His new working hours are pretty stupid to be honest, I wouldn’t / couldn’t work them, so I hope he gets on ok and doesn’t find it too much. It’s also a longer drive to work, so adding more time to an already long day. 

Weigh day is tomorrow, not looking to have lost anything this week as I’ve been up and down. Food hasn’t been great, a real lack of fruit and veg. I want to be better next week as I can really feel the different when I eat bad. 

Today I enjoyed a couple of beers and I may even have some more tomorrow. 

Cheers to the weekend!


Sometimes easy food is the best food


Hope you’re having a great week and looking forward to the weekend.
I can’t wait for this week to be over, it’s just been one shitty day after another. I’m definitely going to enjoy a lazy weekend. Just tomorrow to get through, so much work to catch up on!!

Food today was fairly simple. Granola for breakfast, egg salad for lunch and pasta bolognese for dinner. I also had a beer and some mini ginger bread men… no weightloss this week me thinks!!

Simple lunch of eggs, lettuce, spinach, beetroot and carrot

Pasta bolognese with mozzarella

I like simple, easy food sometimes. Especially when I’m trying to eat better and don’t have much time to make something from scratch. 

Not sure what’s left for tomorrow’s food… maybe it’ll be an odd mash up of a few things!


Monday mindset

I don’t very often work in the office on a Monday, but for the last two weeks, since we moved office, I decided to give it a go.

Mondays are always very quiet in our place. People work from home and tend to bolt on a day either side of the weekend and concentrate their office days on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, but with our new office being smaller and a more flexible arrangement, it means that old habits won’t always work. 

It was typically quiet today, but one of my friends was in the office also and we both decided to work at the same table. It was nice to have some company on what could have been a very quiet and dull day. It was made even better when he decided to give me some free cinema tickets he’d picked up last week, naturally I thanked him with chocolate. Specifically, a frosted chocolate brownie from Hummingbird Bakery… the best bakery ever (for cake anyway)!

The yummiest looking brownie ever! Shame I’m allergic to chocolate!

Food at work wasn’t very exciting today – chicken roll and crisps for lunch… a chicken roll for breakfast too actually – I had to use up the rolls and the rest of the chicken!! Not the best calorie wise, but ok. The rest of the day has been a let down… my cheat day seems to have jumped over to today as well. I had a vanilla cupcake and we had KFC for dinner as my fiancé wanted to try the double down or whatever it’s called… I just had to try it too. 

Seriously, it’s hard work trying to eat good. It’s easier to eat crap… I’m going to have to work extra hard the rest of this week to make up for this. I find it so hard to stay motivated though!! I’m working from home the rest of the week and have no junk in the house at all, so it should be a little bit easier to eat better. 

Onwards and upwards!


Sunday dinners

I’m not one for spending hours in the kitchen over a Sunday roast, but every so often I cheat one. 

Today we had chicken breast, a couple of Yorkshire puddings, some roast potatoes, garden peas and chicken gravy. Frozen yorkshires and potatoes, of course – I’ve never attempted to make either from scratch. Maybe one day.

A cheats Sunday dinner for sure!

I make no apologies for the gravy and how thick it is. We’re a household that can’t stand runny gravy!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Catch up tomorrow.


Resisting temptation 

Today was sent to test me, for sure!

For a day that started out good, it ended leaving work 2 hours late because of issues. 

I left work feeling hungry and thirsty and had to walk past Waitrose and their butterscotch pecan yum yums. They’re so sweet and sticky… I love them! I really could have grabbed one on the way home. I didn’t. They’re right near the entrance to the supermarket too, yet I walked on by.

By trying to get control of my eating, I’m seeing all the times I would have reached for food instead of a drink of water or instead of occupying myself with other things and I’m not surprised at how much weight I have put on!

On track with my eating today again. One more day until weigh day… I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything. I actually feel more heavy than last week! But, we’ll see. A lot can happen in a day!


Day 8 – beating boredom


Well, what a boring day today… I answered emails all day. Literally, all day. 

These are the days I find difficult to stay on track with healthy eating as I get so bored that I just snack to try and keep myself entertained. But, today I’ve managed to stick to being good.

I didn’t eat breakfast today as I wasn’t hungry. For lunch I had a Mediterranean herb wrap with spinach, guacamole, a slice of ham, a small bit of cheese, tomatoes and some spicy salsa, as a snack I had a small piece of Stollen. I really wanted more, but I resisted. For dinner I had turkey stir fry and brown rice and then a lemon mousse. 

Stir fried turkey and brown rice – tasty!

I’m hoping tomorrow is less of a bore. I don’t think it will be though. My job has good days and bad in terms of content. The next week or two are a little bit rubbish. Lots of dull, slow and repetitive work to do. I just need to keep away from snacks and junk and then it will be a bit better again. 

I’d like to lose another 2lbs this week, so I have to try hard to do it.

Catch up tomorrow!


Just a normal Saturday & my first weigh in!


Hope you’re having a great weekend so far? 

Saturday is going to be my weigh in day and I’m happy to say that my first weigh in has been a good one. I’ve lost 2.4lbs on my first 5 days of eating better. I may have lost a little bit more if I hadn’t gone out for lunch yesterday and eaten lots of yummy food, but life is for living at the end of the day… I won’t be eating out again for a while now. 

Saturday is also going to be my cheat day. Yay! Anything goes on cheat days. I think it gives me more motivation to eat well through the week if I know that I can have a day where I don’t think about calories or fat or sugar for one day a week and just enjoy the day. 

It’s been a pretty uneventful day today… haircut, lunch with my other half, window shopping, grocery shopping and a bit of chilling out – a great day after a busy week. I’ve got no photos of food from today as I forgot to take any! Still getting used to blogging each day to be honest! But I do have some selfies instead – who doesn’t love a selfie!

Before my haircut… half a fringe that’s way too long!
After – the fringe has been thickened up a little and tamed. Also testing out a new lipstick!

My food diary for today has been grapes for breakfast, a ham & cheese toasty, a lemon tart, a yummy homemade burger and chips and 3 popcorn cookies – 3 was 1 too many, but I wasn’t wasting them and there is no junk food to be left in the house for tomorrow, so I just had to eat it!!

The rest of this evening will consist of a beer and a movie…

Catch up tomorrow!