Day 8 – beating boredom


Well, what a boring day today… I answered emails all day. Literally, all day. 

These are the days I find difficult to stay on track with healthy eating as I get so bored that I just snack to try and keep myself entertained. But, today I’ve managed to stick to being good.

I didn’t eat breakfast today as I wasn’t hungry. For lunch I had a Mediterranean herb wrap with spinach, guacamole, a slice of ham, a small bit of cheese, tomatoes and some spicy salsa, as a snack I had a small piece of Stollen. I really wanted more, but I resisted. For dinner I had turkey stir fry and brown rice and then a lemon mousse. 

Stir fried turkey and brown rice – tasty!

I’m hoping tomorrow is less of a bore. I don’t think it will be though. My job has good days and bad in terms of content. The next week or two are a little bit rubbish. Lots of dull, slow and repetitive work to do. I just need to keep away from snacks and junk and then it will be a bit better again. 

I’d like to lose another 2lbs this week, so I have to try hard to do it.

Catch up tomorrow!


Just a normal Saturday & my first weigh in!


Hope you’re having a great weekend so far? 

Saturday is going to be my weigh in day and I’m happy to say that my first weigh in has been a good one. I’ve lost 2.4lbs on my first 5 days of eating better. I may have lost a little bit more if I hadn’t gone out for lunch yesterday and eaten lots of yummy food, but life is for living at the end of the day… I won’t be eating out again for a while now. 

Saturday is also going to be my cheat day. Yay! Anything goes on cheat days. I think it gives me more motivation to eat well through the week if I know that I can have a day where I don’t think about calories or fat or sugar for one day a week and just enjoy the day. 

It’s been a pretty uneventful day today… haircut, lunch with my other half, window shopping, grocery shopping and a bit of chilling out – a great day after a busy week. I’ve got no photos of food from today as I forgot to take any! Still getting used to blogging each day to be honest! But I do have some selfies instead – who doesn’t love a selfie!

Before my haircut… half a fringe that’s way too long!
After – the fringe has been thickened up a little and tamed. Also testing out a new lipstick!

My food diary for today has been grapes for breakfast, a ham & cheese toasty, a lemon tart, a yummy homemade burger and chips and 3 popcorn cookies – 3 was 1 too many, but I wasn’t wasting them and there is no junk food to be left in the house for tomorrow, so I just had to eat it!!

The rest of this evening will consist of a beer and a movie…

Catch up tomorrow!