Happy Friday!

It’s finally Friday. One more little hurdle to get over. An error at work made by someone else that I’ve been working on fixing, so I have to do a last check tomorrow morning and then my weekend can finally start!

I have no real plans for the weekend other than to unwind before another busy week. I’m going to enjoy whatever I do. Might be watching catch up TV or pottering around the house, who knows?

My fiancĂ© starts a new job soon and has his first day / handover tomorrow. It’s been a bit of a stressful week with news of potentially losing his job and then being offered a couple of jobs at the same time and having to decide which is the best one to go for. His new working hours are pretty stupid to be honest, I wouldn’t / couldn’t work them, so I hope he gets on ok and doesn’t find it too much. It’s also a longer drive to work, so adding more time to an already long day. 

Weigh day is tomorrow, not looking to have lost anything this week as I’ve been up and down. Food hasn’t been great, a real lack of fruit and veg. I want to be better next week as I can really feel the different when I eat bad. 

Today I enjoyed a couple of beers and I may even have some more tomorrow. 

Cheers to the weekend!


Just a normal Saturday & my first weigh in!


Hope you’re having a great weekend so far? 

Saturday is going to be my weigh in day and I’m happy to say that my first weigh in has been a good one. I’ve lost 2.4lbs on my first 5 days of eating better. I may have lost a little bit more if I hadn’t gone out for lunch yesterday and eaten lots of yummy food, but life is for living at the end of the day… I won’t be eating out again for a while now. 

Saturday is also going to be my cheat day. Yay! Anything goes on cheat days. I think it gives me more motivation to eat well through the week if I know that I can have a day where I don’t think about calories or fat or sugar for one day a week and just enjoy the day. 

It’s been a pretty uneventful day today… haircut, lunch with my other half, window shopping, grocery shopping and a bit of chilling out – a great day after a busy week. I’ve got no photos of food from today as I forgot to take any! Still getting used to blogging each day to be honest! But I do have some selfies instead – who doesn’t love a selfie!

Before my haircut… half a fringe that’s way too long!
After – the fringe has been thickened up a little and tamed. Also testing out a new lipstick!

My food diary for today has been grapes for breakfast, a ham & cheese toasty, a lemon tart, a yummy homemade burger and chips and 3 popcorn cookies – 3 was 1 too many, but I wasn’t wasting them and there is no junk food to be left in the house for tomorrow, so I just had to eat it!!

The rest of this evening will consist of a beer and a movie…

Catch up tomorrow!