Tea & Shortbread


I have a weakness for biscuits and cakes… if I could eat them all day, everyday and stay healthy, I would… 

Today’s weakness has been Tea and shortbread. There’s nothing like a good buttery shortbread that melts in the mouth and leaves you feeling all cosy on a cold winter day. Or so I thought… then I discovered Salted Caramel Shortbread and well, that is just the next level of enjoyment!

I’m not one for soggy biscuits, but dipping salted caramel shortbread in tea so that the caramel softens to a slightly gooey texture is amazing!

Salted caramel goodness

And yes, I think quite highly of myself – Queen… my fiancé does have a “King” mug as well, they were a gift from his mum… one of my faves from last Christmas. I use mine all the time!! 

So do you dunk your biscuit or not??


Lunch at my desk


I forgot to blog last night and Sunday night… I don’t know how I forgot, but I did! At least I’m back today!

There’s not been anything exciting going on in my life over the last couple of days, apart from picking up a couple of gorgeous dresses at a bargain price…

Food has been ok apart from I cooked way too much pasta last night. I should have stopped eating it when I felt full, but I was enjoying it so much that I kept going and ended up over my calorie target – oops!

Today I had an odd concoction of food. I had a fruit scone and butter for breakfast (it needed to be eaten or would have been wasted) and because I was in the office, I bought lunch out. It was a bit chilly today and I had a headache at lunch time so wanted warm, comfort food. I popped in to Wasabi and got a Chicken Katsu Bento… it was so good and so filling. For dinner I just had a piece of garlic bread and a little weight watchers dessert. I was right on my calorie target and have felt satisfied and full all day. Not the best food in terms of fat, but it’ll even itself out throughout the week.

Lunch at my desk – Chicken Katsu Curry from Wasabi

I’m still getting used to all the stairs in our new office. I went from the ground floor to the 3rd floor in one go… that doesn’t sound like much, but when you don’t usually do stairs, it’s a lot! Ha ha!

I even dusted off my Fitbit and decided to wear it again… I really need to get a nice strap for it as the one thing that puts me off wearing it is it’s so casual that it doesn’t look right with most things that I wear, especially in the office.

Right, I’m off to bed… been awake since 4:30am and barely keeping my eyes open now! Enjoy the rest of your day, wherever you are…


Celebrating Chester Bennington 


The weekend finally arrived and I thought there was nothing better for it than to watch the tribute to Chester, put on by Linkin Park last night. 

I’m a huge LP fan. When their first single came out, I was at uni. I was 17 years old. I’ve loved them for years, I’m now 34. I’ve seen them live a couple of times and thought they were incredible. Chester’s energy was always amazing. 

When the news broke that Chester had died, it was the first time that I felt actual grief and sorrow towards someone I’d never met. I couldn’t get my head around it. I knew that he’d struggled with his demons on and off for years, but never in a million years thought he’d be someone who would end up taking his own life. I actually cried, so did my fiancé. 

His lyrics and his passion fuelled many an emotional journey for me, and created an escape when things weren’t going quite right. Sometimes his aggression gave me the fuel I needed to stand up for myself and take things on that I’d usually shy away from. 

Pic courtesy of linkinpark.com

The tribute was lovely. So many well known guests who did their bit to ensure there was a great atmosphere and pay respects. The lynchpin of the whole gig was Mike, of course. I don’t know how he did what he did without breaking down in tears… from talking about Chester, to singing his parts in songs and keeping everything going. It was a celebration, it was a party, and that’s what it should have been. Mike’s smiles lit up the venue.

It saddens me to know that the world will never hear a new LP song with Chester’s voice in it, or that I’ll never hear an old song live with him singing it and screaming it in the way only he could. It’s nice that there are so many memories of him all around and I have a recording of one of the London shows I saw about 10 years ago… I’ll never forget that night!

As I write this, I have one of their last gigs with Chester, playing on YouTube. It’s times like this that I am really thankful for this social media era that we live in.

Annie x

Happy Friday!

It’s finally Friday. One more little hurdle to get over. An error at work made by someone else that I’ve been working on fixing, so I have to do a last check tomorrow morning and then my weekend can finally start!

I have no real plans for the weekend other than to unwind before another busy week. I’m going to enjoy whatever I do. Might be watching catch up TV or pottering around the house, who knows?

My fiancé starts a new job soon and has his first day / handover tomorrow. It’s been a bit of a stressful week with news of potentially losing his job and then being offered a couple of jobs at the same time and having to decide which is the best one to go for. His new working hours are pretty stupid to be honest, I wouldn’t / couldn’t work them, so I hope he gets on ok and doesn’t find it too much. It’s also a longer drive to work, so adding more time to an already long day. 

Weigh day is tomorrow, not looking to have lost anything this week as I’ve been up and down. Food hasn’t been great, a real lack of fruit and veg. I want to be better next week as I can really feel the different when I eat bad. 

Today I enjoyed a couple of beers and I may even have some more tomorrow. 

Cheers to the weekend!


Sometimes easy food is the best food


Hope you’re having a great week and looking forward to the weekend.
I can’t wait for this week to be over, it’s just been one shitty day after another. I’m definitely going to enjoy a lazy weekend. Just tomorrow to get through, so much work to catch up on!!

Food today was fairly simple. Granola for breakfast, egg salad for lunch and pasta bolognese for dinner. I also had a beer and some mini ginger bread men… no weightloss this week me thinks!!

Simple lunch of eggs, lettuce, spinach, beetroot and carrot

Pasta bolognese with mozzarella

I like simple, easy food sometimes. Especially when I’m trying to eat better and don’t have much time to make something from scratch. 

Not sure what’s left for tomorrow’s food… maybe it’ll be an odd mash up of a few things!


Why don’t people read?

*** Rant ahead***

It really annoys me when people don’t read something you’ve sent to them. I don’t mean sending them crap over social media or sending a text, I mean at work! When you send people instructions and information and they just don’t read it… I’ve wasted the best part of 3 solid days in the last working week just replying to emails and sorting issues for people who just didn’t read something very simple to understand and easy to do… is it like that in your workplace? 

Why do people not read? Is everyone too busy these days? Can people just not be bothered? Or do people just want someone else to fix the issue for them rather than do it themselves? 

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather fix an issue myself by following the instructions someone took the time to write than waste my time and others by sending an email to ask why I can’t do something and can someone fix it for me. 

I don’t see much changing at work in the immediate future. With tens of thousands of people being sent the same message, there’s bound to be hundreds more who don’t bother to read it. 

Anyway, I’m under my calorie goal for today and I’m glad. I didn’t sleep good last night and it’s probably because I ate junk food. I’ve eaten better today so hopefully I’ll have a better sleep instead of feeing all crappy and sluggish. 

I also got new lipstick today… new lipstick makes me happy 😬

Lipstick addict? Yes I am!

Until tomorrow…


Monday mindset

I don’t very often work in the office on a Monday, but for the last two weeks, since we moved office, I decided to give it a go.

Mondays are always very quiet in our place. People work from home and tend to bolt on a day either side of the weekend and concentrate their office days on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, but with our new office being smaller and a more flexible arrangement, it means that old habits won’t always work. 

It was typically quiet today, but one of my friends was in the office also and we both decided to work at the same table. It was nice to have some company on what could have been a very quiet and dull day. It was made even better when he decided to give me some free cinema tickets he’d picked up last week, naturally I thanked him with chocolate. Specifically, a frosted chocolate brownie from Hummingbird Bakery… the best bakery ever (for cake anyway)!

The yummiest looking brownie ever! Shame I’m allergic to chocolate!

Food at work wasn’t very exciting today – chicken roll and crisps for lunch… a chicken roll for breakfast too actually – I had to use up the rolls and the rest of the chicken!! Not the best calorie wise, but ok. The rest of the day has been a let down… my cheat day seems to have jumped over to today as well. I had a vanilla cupcake and we had KFC for dinner as my fiancé wanted to try the double down or whatever it’s called… I just had to try it too. 

Seriously, it’s hard work trying to eat good. It’s easier to eat crap… I’m going to have to work extra hard the rest of this week to make up for this. I find it so hard to stay motivated though!! I’m working from home the rest of the week and have no junk in the house at all, so it should be a little bit easier to eat better. 

Onwards and upwards!


Sunday dinners

I’m not one for spending hours in the kitchen over a Sunday roast, but every so often I cheat one. 

Today we had chicken breast, a couple of Yorkshire puddings, some roast potatoes, garden peas and chicken gravy. Frozen yorkshires and potatoes, of course – I’ve never attempted to make either from scratch. Maybe one day.

A cheats Sunday dinner for sure!

I make no apologies for the gravy and how thick it is. We’re a household that can’t stand runny gravy!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Catch up tomorrow.


Cheat days are made of this…


Sorry for the terrible “Sweet dreams” reference in the title, but it’s cheat day and I’m enjoying (most) of the goodies on offer today!

Saturday is burger night. Don’t remember how or why that started, but it’s been burger night for years, with only a few missed burgers per year ha ha! We vary from making our own (well, my fiancé makes them!) to shop bought. Tonight’s were from Morrisons. Not the best, a bit small, but tasty and so much better than other supermarket offerings.

Terrible picture, yummy bacon cheeseburger!
My fiancé picked up what looked like a lovely cheesecake, but it ended up being dry, heavy and a bit tasteless. I didn’t eat all of my piece. So annoying when that happens as it’s such a waste of calories !! 

Looks can be deceiving… not good!

Today is also weigh day. It’s not been great, but I still lost some weight… 0.8lbs. I haven’t felt that great all week to be honest. I’ve felt fat and bloated and so at least I lost a little bit of weight and hadn’t actually put any on. It might be a small loss, but I’ll take it. 
I’ve been through our freezer today and cleared out and tidied up. We only need a small food shop this week as we have enough meat to last pretty much the week and we have odd little left over bits of things like sweet potato fries, hash browns, roast potatoes and peppers – you know, when there’s not enough left in the bag for one person, let alone two – I’m going to have a couple of weird mixed up dinners this week and just use things up. I can’t wait to use everything up and be able to start from scratch with meal ideas and stuff. 

Sunday tomorrow… nothing planned. Time to chill before another hectic week at work!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!