Day 1


So it’s obviously not the first day of my totally normal life, but it’s day 1 of actually writing about it. It’s also day 1 of giving myself a kick up the arse and waking up to the fact that I’m unfit, overweight and always tired! It’s not good…

Today has been a good day! 

I was working from home today so I started it off with a session on the cross trainer before work, I had a nice filling breakfast of boiled eggs, spinach, tomatoes and a slice of ham. I snacked on satsumas for the first time in probably a year, and enjoyed them (they’re so hit and miss!), had some ryveta and cheese spread for lunch, stir fried spicy chicken and brown rice for dinner and a yoghurt to finish. Totally normal food for my totally normal life! I can’t be arsed with fad diets and fancy cooking… I hate my kitchen, so the less time spent there, the better!

Yummy breakfast…
Breaking out the trainers for the first time in a while!
I’ve tried and failed miserably for the last year to lose some weight. I’ve probably lost a couple of stone, but have put the same back on numerous times! I was 14 stone 4 this time last year and I’m now a pitiful 13 stone 10. I saw a Facebook memory from 2009 that said I was 11 stone 11 – I thought I was fat then… I’d kill to be that weight again!

I’ve always loved food. Sweet or savoury… doesn’t really matter, although cake and beer are probably my two favourite things! 

I’m not sure when food became a problem for me, but I know it was at its worst in 2016 and it was made worse by work. It’s not an excuse, it was a shitty year and food seemed to be the only way to stop me from speaking my mind… which probably would have got me sacked. It stopped me from quitting too. It ended up being a coping mechanism – emotional eating… never thought that would be me. It’s better this year, but I’m still eating way too much and for no good reason either.

I guess this blog is going to just be my ramblings on my health journey and life in general… I hadn’t planned it! I think I just needed to put pen to paper so to speak, so that I actually have to commit to doing something about my health & weight.

Anyway, welcome! Feel free to leave a comment, some words of wisdom or some general thoughts on your own totally normal life!

Annie 🙂