March review!

April is nearly here already… why does time go by so quickly?

March was an interesting one. I started the month with a cancelled trip because of snow and ended it with a week off, just because I could.

It’s been a really poor month for being healthy. I seem to have lost all f*cks I had about eating better… I really need to get back on track.

I’ve had some nice food this month though and quite a lot of alcohol – oops!

First attempt at French toast…

Porridge & tea on that odd healthy morning…Buffalo wings, fries and a Buffalo burger washed down with Icelandic Beer at our local place – Carved, Bexleyheath

The start of a messy night out to see Thirty Seconds to Mars (who were utter shit by the way!)

Steak, mac n cheese (cold and tasteless!) with fries and onion rings… my treat after spending two hours in a golf shop with my fiancé!Oh look, more booze lolAnother one off healthy lunch! Bacon butty with obligatory bite out of itAnother stir fryHealthy!?Anyone for tea??Healthy!?Mmmm alcopops!

Back to work Tuesday… shame! What’s in store for April? A better diet, less or no booze, a lot of work and planning for some renovations / improvements to our place.

Hope you’ve had a good March! Catch up next time!


February look back

So we’re part way through March, 8 days in to be precise, and I’m only just writing my February review… shocking!

Last month was quite uneventful, apart from some really cold weather and a lot of snow that scuppered the plans of most people, including me. Yes, I had a cancelled flight last Thursday (1st March but I’m including it in Feb as the weather turned in the last week of Feb causing issues everywhere!) and wasn’t able to go home to Scotland and spend a long weekend with my parents for my mums birthday – very annoying.

In case you don’t know, the UK doesn’t get all that much snow, so when we do, all hell breaks loose and airports close, trains can’t run, roads are blocked and cars are abandoned… yep!

Looks pretty though, right? These were taken before it got worse. England and the south wasn’t too bad, but Scotland got hit pretty bad, and that’s where I was trying to fly to!

Apart from that, the rest of the month was quite normal… food wise, it’s been up and down and I’ve not lost any weight, but I’ve not gained either so it’s not a lost cause. The cold weather played a part in some poor food choices last month.

The beer was for commiserating purposes lol.

There were some healthier choices though…

Apple & Ginger porridge

Breakfast muffins and peanut butter

Chicken, mushroom and Edamame stir fry

Spicy steak and peppers with sour cream

Veggie stir fry and egg noodles

Dishoom chicken tikka – if you’re in London or Edinburgh, you have to try Dishoom. Their food is amazing!!

Not a terrible month overall, but it could be better and this month has to be better as I need to start losing some weight again!!

How was your February?

Catch up next month!


The Full Elvis

Yes, so this happened today…

Very healthy, also known as The Full Elvis… one of Duck & Waffle’s awesome breakfast options… a waffle, pb&j, strawberries, blueberries, a glazed banana, Chantilly cream and all the trimmings…

That’s what you call falling off the healthy wagon ha ha!!!

It’s December, typically a challenging month to eat healthy… it’s quite busy for me too… breakfast with work friends today, Christmas party on Thursday, a gig on Saturday that will no doubt involve copious amounts of beer, a leaving lunch for a colleague next Tuesday, a business trip to Edinburgh Wednesday and Thursday with a Christmas do thrown in for good measure and then Christmas brunch next Friday with my little team of 3 and Christmas dinner the Wednesday after… soooooooo I could choose healthier options, but will I? Who knows… I’ll be fat for another month I think… oh dear…

Monday mindset

I don’t very often work in the office on a Monday, but for the last two weeks, since we moved office, I decided to give it a go.

Mondays are always very quiet in our place. People work from home and tend to bolt on a day either side of the weekend and concentrate their office days on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, but with our new office being smaller and a more flexible arrangement, it means that old habits won’t always work. 

It was typically quiet today, but one of my friends was in the office also and we both decided to work at the same table. It was nice to have some company on what could have been a very quiet and dull day. It was made even better when he decided to give me some free cinema tickets he’d picked up last week, naturally I thanked him with chocolate. Specifically, a frosted chocolate brownie from Hummingbird Bakery… the best bakery ever (for cake anyway)!

The yummiest looking brownie ever! Shame I’m allergic to chocolate!

Food at work wasn’t very exciting today – chicken roll and crisps for lunch… a chicken roll for breakfast too actually – I had to use up the rolls and the rest of the chicken!! Not the best calorie wise, but ok. The rest of the day has been a let down… my cheat day seems to have jumped over to today as well. I had a vanilla cupcake and we had KFC for dinner as my fiancé wanted to try the double down or whatever it’s called… I just had to try it too. 

Seriously, it’s hard work trying to eat good. It’s easier to eat crap… I’m going to have to work extra hard the rest of this week to make up for this. I find it so hard to stay motivated though!! I’m working from home the rest of the week and have no junk in the house at all, so it should be a little bit easier to eat better. 

Onwards and upwards!


Getting healthy for Dave Grohl

Well, not quite specifically for Dave Grohl, but for the Foo Fighters gig that I’m going to in June, here in London!

Last time I saw Foo Fighters was at the Milton Keynes Bowl in 2011. That’s probably the last time I felt happy with my health and weight. So I now have a target date to get healthy. 

Photo taken from Instagram @foofighters

I have standing tickets for my fiancé and I, he has back problems and also needs to get fitter and healthier, so this is a good target date for him too.

I’ve had a wobbly week this week, so I’m not hopeful for any weightloss. I’ve been within calorie targets, but I’ve not eaten as well as last week. 

I’m going to have a chilled out weekend and start next week fresh and relaxed!

Have a great weekend!


Moving office & strange weather

Today was the first day in a new office at work, so it wasn’t the usual head down and work day for the most part. I quite like the odd day that’s a bit different, it breaks things up a bit. I also don’t usually go to the office on a Monday, so it was a nice change.

I work in a flexible working environment, so it means I can work from home, a coffee shop, my garden, the office, or wherever has wifi and some level of privacy depending on what I’m working on. It’s taken a few years for me to get used to being able to come and go relatively freely, but now, I wouldn’t be without it.

The office is in the City of London, right near Liverpool Street station. We’ve actually only moved a 5 minute walk up the road, which is nice as I like the area. 

The new office has a roof terrace that we can use for meetings, lunch or just to take a breather for a few minutes. Today it was mainly used for appreciating this unusually warm October day and then for looking up at the red sun and sky in amazement.

Strange skies in London – the photo doesn’t show the full spectrum of the brown / red sky (c)

The photo above was taken at about 3:15pm. An hour previous and it had been bright with blue skies and a red sun. We’ve had sand from the Sahara thanks to Hurricane Ophelia and smoke from wild fires in Spain and Portugal. London – we’ll take all your sky junk and make it pretty – ha!

An eerie view of the tops of The Gherkin (L), Heron Tower (M) & the NatWest tower – peering out over the top / behind another building on the right(I think it has another name these days, but it’s shaped like the NatWest logo so will always be known as the NatWest tower!) (c)

Food wise today has been a bit hit and miss. A croissant this morning, some mini rolls / sandwiches for lunch and chips (fries) for dinner – all within my calories – not good for the carbs or fat though! The new office has no lift and has a lot of stairs – I’ve been up and down them so many times today that I can actually feel my thighs aching a little bit!!!

Back on track tomorrow!


Turkish lunch

Happy Friday!

Today was a bit of a bad day for food. Bad in a good way. 

I had a leaving lunch for one of my work friends and we went to a Turkish restaurant called Gallipoli Again, which is in Islington, London. I’d been here once before and thought the food was amazing, so I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to go again.

We decided to have a Meze between the 5 of us and throw in some chips (fries for any non UK people!) as one of my friends is a complete chip addict 🙂 The Meze was huge. There was so much to pick and choose from:

Humus, Kisir, Bakla, Cacik, Potato Salad, Borek, Falafel, Dolma, Chicken Guvec, Lamb Guvec & Mitite Kofte – and chips! 

The fist time I’ve ever tried stuffed vine leaves – surprisingly tasty!
Gallipoli Again – some of the tasty food we had

We all filled up on the tasty treats but a couple of us had room for some afters… I was very bad and had some pecan pie and ice cream – in my defence, I didn’t know it came with ice cream as well, but I made sure to enjoy it all ha ha!

Pecan pie – yummy!

I’ve calorie counted everything I ate today – some of it was estimated, but I think because most of the food was relatively healthy, and because they use yogurt instead of things like cream or mayonnaise, that I actually didn’t do too bad. Over where I’d like to be, but not to the extreme.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the restaurant, here’s the website:

There are two Gallipoli cafés on the same street. I’ve never been to the first one, only the second, but I imagine it would be just as nice! Oh and the staff in Gallipoli Again are really lovely – friendly, helpful, fun… can’t ask for much more!

Until next time!