Why don’t people read?

*** Rant ahead***

It really annoys me when people don’t read something you’ve sent to them. I don’t mean sending them crap over social media or sending a text, I mean at work! When you send people instructions and information and they just don’t read it… I’ve wasted the best part of 3 solid days in the last working week just replying to emails and sorting issues for people who just didn’t read something very simple to understand and easy to do… is it like that in your workplace? 

Why do people not read? Is everyone too busy these days? Can people just not be bothered? Or do people just want someone else to fix the issue for them rather than do it themselves? 

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather fix an issue myself by following the instructions someone took the time to write than waste my time and others by sending an email to ask why I can’t do something and can someone fix it for me. 

I don’t see much changing at work in the immediate future. With tens of thousands of people being sent the same message, there’s bound to be hundreds more who don’t bother to read it. 

Anyway, I’m under my calorie goal for today and I’m glad. I didn’t sleep good last night and it’s probably because I ate junk food. I’ve eaten better today so hopefully I’ll have a better sleep instead of feeing all crappy and sluggish. 

I also got new lipstick today… new lipstick makes me happy 😬

Lipstick addict? Yes I am!

Until tomorrow…