March review!

April is nearly here already… why does time go by so quickly?

March was an interesting one. I started the month with a cancelled trip because of snow and ended it with a week off, just because I could.

It’s been a really poor month for being healthy. I seem to have lost all f*cks I had about eating better… I really need to get back on track.

I’ve had some nice food this month though and quite a lot of alcohol – oops!

First attempt at French toast…

Porridge & tea on that odd healthy morning…Buffalo wings, fries and a Buffalo burger washed down with Icelandic Beer at our local place – Carved, Bexleyheath

The start of a messy night out to see Thirty Seconds to Mars (who were utter shit by the way!)

Steak, mac n cheese (cold and tasteless!) with fries and onion rings… my treat after spending two hours in a golf shop with my fiancé!Oh look, more booze lolAnother one off healthy lunch! Bacon butty with obligatory bite out of itAnother stir fryHealthy!?Anyone for tea??Healthy!?Mmmm alcopops!

Back to work Tuesday… shame! What’s in store for April? A better diet, less or no booze, a lot of work and planning for some renovations / improvements to our place.

Hope you’ve had a good March! Catch up next time!


Netflix and free bread


I’m totally addicted to Orange is The New Black and Stranger Things and I’m guilty of binge watching a lot of them both over the weekend!! I love a good show!

As well as watching lots of TV, I also managed to try out some pumpkin and chia seed bread. I got a fresh loaf for free when I did my food shop with Amazon Fresh. I’ve never tried anything pumpkin before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t quite know what to do with it either so I tried a bit with nothing on it to see if I like it, then I made it in to a yummy brunch!

I decided to slice it up and grill it lightly to toast it, then popped on some grated mozzarella, salami and tomatoes and put it back in the grill to heat it all up and melt the cheese… pop on a bit of pepper afterwards if you like and Bob’s your uncle you’ve got a yummy brunch or lunch!

I love fast and easy food, especially at the weekend!!

What’s your favourite home made fast food?


Cheat day & lazy Sunday


Weighday was yesterday and I stayed the same weight as last week, which I don’t mind as I didn’t eat very healthily – again! I feel like crap when I eat bad, but I can’t seem to break the cycle of eating good, being hungry and then eating junk… it’s another new week so time to try again!!

My cheat day was yesterday, but I actually stayed within my regular calorie target. No idea how, but I was quite happy with that! It means I can enjoy a curry tonight and some Keema Naan!!

Today has been a chill day. Chores, chilling and multiple episodes of Orange Is The New Black along with plenty of company from my kitties whilst my other half is out at golf.

Have a great Sunday!

Until tomorrow!


The end of the week!


It’s Friday and I’m so happy about it. I’m actually writing this from my bed as I’ve been asleep on the sofa for the last hour and didn’t get round to writing anything!

This week has been a tough one. Work has been a mental drain. 

Tomorrow and Sunday are for boring food shopping, housework, chores and mindless binge watching of tv… I feel like every weekend is the same lately, but it’s what I feel like I need. 

I’d like to be a really interesting person with a totally exciting, fun adventure filled life, but I’m not… life hasn’t been like that for a while, although this year has probably been one of the most boring for a long time!! I’ve not been abroad this year either, for the first time since I was a child. It’s been a bit rubbish actually! Ah well, first world problems and all that!!

I’ve nothing good to say about food and no photos either, so here’s a completely irrelevant pic of my kitties; Leonard and Sheldon…

Happy Friday all!


Happy Friday!

It’s finally Friday. One more little hurdle to get over. An error at work made by someone else that I’ve been working on fixing, so I have to do a last check tomorrow morning and then my weekend can finally start!

I have no real plans for the weekend other than to unwind before another busy week. I’m going to enjoy whatever I do. Might be watching catch up TV or pottering around the house, who knows?

My fiancé starts a new job soon and has his first day / handover tomorrow. It’s been a bit of a stressful week with news of potentially losing his job and then being offered a couple of jobs at the same time and having to decide which is the best one to go for. His new working hours are pretty stupid to be honest, I wouldn’t / couldn’t work them, so I hope he gets on ok and doesn’t find it too much. It’s also a longer drive to work, so adding more time to an already long day. 

Weigh day is tomorrow, not looking to have lost anything this week as I’ve been up and down. Food hasn’t been great, a real lack of fruit and veg. I want to be better next week as I can really feel the different when I eat bad. 

Today I enjoyed a couple of beers and I may even have some more tomorrow. 

Cheers to the weekend!


Sunday dinners

I’m not one for spending hours in the kitchen over a Sunday roast, but every so often I cheat one. 

Today we had chicken breast, a couple of Yorkshire puddings, some roast potatoes, garden peas and chicken gravy. Frozen yorkshires and potatoes, of course – I’ve never attempted to make either from scratch. Maybe one day.

A cheats Sunday dinner for sure!

I make no apologies for the gravy and how thick it is. We’re a household that can’t stand runny gravy!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

Catch up tomorrow.


Cheat days are made of this…


Sorry for the terrible “Sweet dreams” reference in the title, but it’s cheat day and I’m enjoying (most) of the goodies on offer today!

Saturday is burger night. Don’t remember how or why that started, but it’s been burger night for years, with only a few missed burgers per year ha ha! We vary from making our own (well, my fiancé makes them!) to shop bought. Tonight’s were from Morrisons. Not the best, a bit small, but tasty and so much better than other supermarket offerings.

Terrible picture, yummy bacon cheeseburger!
My fiancé picked up what looked like a lovely cheesecake, but it ended up being dry, heavy and a bit tasteless. I didn’t eat all of my piece. So annoying when that happens as it’s such a waste of calories !! 

Looks can be deceiving… not good!

Today is also weigh day. It’s not been great, but I still lost some weight… 0.8lbs. I haven’t felt that great all week to be honest. I’ve felt fat and bloated and so at least I lost a little bit of weight and hadn’t actually put any on. It might be a small loss, but I’ll take it. 
I’ve been through our freezer today and cleared out and tidied up. We only need a small food shop this week as we have enough meat to last pretty much the week and we have odd little left over bits of things like sweet potato fries, hash browns, roast potatoes and peppers – you know, when there’s not enough left in the bag for one person, let alone two – I’m going to have a couple of weird mixed up dinners this week and just use things up. I can’t wait to use everything up and be able to start from scratch with meal ideas and stuff. 

Sunday tomorrow… nothing planned. Time to chill before another hectic week at work!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!