February look back

So we’re part way through March, 8 days in to be precise, and I’m only just writing my February review… shocking!

Last month was quite uneventful, apart from some really cold weather and a lot of snow that scuppered the plans of most people, including me. Yes, I had a cancelled flight last Thursday (1st March but I’m including it in Feb as the weather turned in the last week of Feb causing issues everywhere!) and wasn’t able to go home to Scotland and spend a long weekend with my parents for my mums birthday – very annoying.

In case you don’t know, the UK doesn’t get all that much snow, so when we do, all hell breaks loose and airports close, trains can’t run, roads are blocked and cars are abandoned… yep!

Looks pretty though, right? These were taken before it got worse. England and the south wasn’t too bad, but Scotland got hit pretty bad, and that’s where I was trying to fly to!

Apart from that, the rest of the month was quite normal… food wise, it’s been up and down and I’ve not lost any weight, but I’ve not gained either so it’s not a lost cause. The cold weather played a part in some poor food choices last month.

The beer was for commiserating purposes lol.

There were some healthier choices though…

Apple & Ginger porridge

Breakfast muffins and peanut butter

Chicken, mushroom and Edamame stir fry

Spicy steak and peppers with sour cream

Veggie stir fry and egg noodles

Dishoom chicken tikka – if you’re in London or Edinburgh, you have to try Dishoom. Their food is amazing!!

Not a terrible month overall, but it could be better and this month has to be better as I need to start losing some weight again!!

How was your February?

Catch up next month!


Sunday chores – preparing for winter dampness

So it’s Sunday, almost the end of the weekend. Why do they go so quick?

Nothing much to report today. It’s been a day for chores and pottering about the house. We have a severe condensation / damp / mould problem every winter so I’ve been prepping for the cold. Clearing out cupboards, ensuring things have enough ventilation, rotating the contents of my wardrobe, cleaning and trying to find every way possible to stop my leather bags and shoes from going mouldy!! I’ve read that tea tree oil helps, so I’m going to spot test on a couple of cheap pairs of leather shoes before I touch any of my others. I’ve also ordered a dehumidifier – that’s £200 I could have done without spending, but if it saves me from having to re-paint walls every couple of months, and saves us from that awful damp smell we sometimes have to put up with, then it’s a good investment in my book!

If anyone has had any experience in keeping an old home dry through winter, please tell me what you did!! We have no cavity walls so no insulation, no central heating and drafts everywhere – the ironic thing is that a lack of ventilation causes dampness and mould, yet we have so much air pumping through our place that sometimes it feels like there’s a fan on somewhere!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend!